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Best neighbourhoods for students in Valencia

April 29, 2024
Alfie Laurence

Valencia is a very popular choice for Erasmus students. There are thousands of international students in Valencia, and it creates an atmosphere that is very active, fun, and young. When it comes to deciding where to find a flat in Valencia as a student, it's important to weigh up your options, get a feel of the neighbourhood and see if you like it. There are lots of neighbourhoods in Valencia, all within closer proximity to each other. Here is a little overview of the best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students.

Best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students #1: Avenida Blasco Ibáñez

I ended up living on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez for my Erasmus placement in Valencia, where I studied at the Universidad de Valencia. It's on the same road as the Mestalla Stadium (if you're a football fan) and has lots of supermarkets, bars and restaurants and some clubs, all within walking distance! It is great for cheap nights out and is quiet (ish). I would say that's where most of the students were situated, so it's definitely one of the best neighbourhoods for students in Valencia.

TOP TIP: For a year abroad in Valencia and finding accommodation, I definitely recommend getting a place once you are out there, as it allows you to really see the place (some landlords advertise different places or the place but in much better condition that it truly is within their ads and you might be left disappointed when you finally get to see it).

Best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students #2: Benimaclet

If you’re looking for an affordable student neighbourhood in Valencia and one that is close to the university, you’re best looking in Benimaclet. There are lots of shared apartments for students and local bars and food spots on your way to the university to pick up a quick lunch. Your walk to university may take 5-10 minutes, which is a blessing. Take a walk or cycle through the streets to get a feel for it before committing to anything. Benimaclet is certainly one of the best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students.

Best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students #3: El Carmen

El Carmen neighbourhood is more central in Valencia and is rarely visited or occupied by students of the university due to its distance from the university itself. I met a few people who chose to live in El Carmen and absolutely loved it. It may not have the studenty vibe that many of us were after; it certainly makes up for it in it's chic atmosphere and abundance of restaurants. It really depends on what you are after. If you want to immerse yourself in the more local, historical centre style of life among the buzzing streets of Valencia near the Parque Turia and El Mercado Central then this is certainly one of the best neighbourhoods in Valencia for that. Fellow Student Travel Tips writer Eliza, lived in El Carmen. She studied dentistry, and you can read all about Eliza's experience via her blog.

Best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students #4: Russafa (Ruzafa)

Russafa really caught my eye when I went there, and part of me wishes I had lived there. If I had to compare it to a neighbourhood in London, I would say it’s a bit like Shoreditch or Dalston. Full of vintage clothes shops, book shops fused with cafes, wine bars, it’s a hipsters paradise. It’s very colourful, quirky and green. It also comes alive at night with many tapas, restaurants, and bars that are open late with great music. It’s slightly more expensive than the other areas but is certainly one of the best neighbourhoods in Valencia for students looking for a more young professional vibe. Don’t sleep on Russafa!

I hope this guide helps. Don’t forget to have a read of our other blogs about Valencia to help you curate your trip beautifully. If you’re looking for long term accommodation, check out UniPlaces and get your 25% discount exclusively for Student Travel Tips readers. Click here for more.

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Alfie Laurence
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